About MS Law LLP
And How To Evict Tenants

MS Law LLP, was established in 2006 and specialises in providing high quality competitively priced legal services relating to property transactions.

Our Distinction
From many legal services firms is that our focus is on property related legal services, both for investors and people selling their own homes.

The knowledge of the partners,
Paul Gelder and Simmon Ruddich, and their dedicated team, combine this specialist knowledge of property law with practical experience of domestic commercial and investment property

We Really Are Landlords And Solicitors

 Just One of our specialist services is....

Evicting tenants

When you have tried all efforts to protect the income from your property investment without success, you will eventually need to evict your tenants.

Our service allows you to:

Deal with legal professionals - not third party companies who are not solicitors and who are not legally qualified. We are regulated by the solicitors regulation authority.

Enjoy the benefit of fixed fees with no hidden extras.
Avoid the mistakes that can increase rent arrears and delay eviction.
Send your problem tenants the message that you mean business and that you will not be messed around.

Take back control, Get peace of mind, Sleep easy once again. Get your property back and working for you again. And...START NOW!

Our successful Landlord clients have always told us that their tenants have responded better when any notice has been served by us, their solicitors. They say this is because their tenant suddenly begins to take the issue more seriously, then they know the Landlord means business.

If you have purchased the property using our super fast conveyancing service we will serve a section 8 notice and/or section 21 notice on your tenants absolutely free.

But don't worry, if you have not yet used our super fast conveyancing service our  Fixed price tenant eviction service means you too can receive all the benefits and regain control from your tenants.


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